Dr. Jayant P. Giri

A living gift of nature best owed to us…The Universe, a beautiful creation of the Almighty .The flowing  river merging into the mighty Ocean, the rising Sun and the sound of chirping birds, the mighty Mountains and the deep sea Corals, Life in one form or the other. Huge jet Planes, high–rise structures, a high powered multi-cylinder Engine or Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems …Creation of human beings specially Mechanical Engineers. I take this opportunity to welcome you to the department of Mechanical Engineering which was established in 1986 and is currently one of the largest departments of Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering. Our graduates work in almost every technology based industry: automotive, electric power, space and aerospace, steel and materials, bio-engineering, chemical and petro-chemical, robotics and manufacturing, pulp and paper, Indian Armed Forces and shipping. Our outstanding faculty is committed towards excellence in teaching and research. We genuinely care about our students and their future. As in automobile and other wheeled vehicles, the differential allows each of driving road wheels to rotate at different speeds, and is capable of transmitting torque and rotation through three shaft by receiving one input and providing two output that is the sum, difference, or average, of the inputs; this information, shall make you experience a differential, transmitting torque in the form of knowledge throughout your thought process. Ideas and thoughts cannot be inherited and neither be taught, they are at the back of our mind and when a catalyst acts, they flow out in the form of words and awaken sensitive creativity.