Best Practices

Sr. No. Name of Innovative Practices
1 Well-equipped laboratories with Siemens Centre of excellence
2 Frequent conduction of Value-Added Courses with Industrialsoftware exposure
3 Training onPython, C++, Scilabetc. through IIT, Bombay
4 Conduction of Honor course in Subtractive and AdditiveManufacturing, Advanced Industrial Roboticsand minor course in IntegratedManufacturing AndMachine Learning
5 Regular industrial visits
6 Use of Innovative teaching learning methods like KWL Chart, Experiment Based Learning, Research Paper Based Case Study, Project Based Learning, Flipped Classroom, Simulation, Group Assignment, etc.
7 Regular SDP,FDP,Seminars by external members like IIT professors,Industrialists,Alumni etc.
8 Regular eventsunder departmental GATE Club, SAE Club, ASME Club.
9 Semester Long Internship program for all final year Students
10 Series of International Conferences organized by Department RAMMML-2022 and RAMMML-2023