About International Relations Cell

During its 13 years long journey, International Relations Cell has undertaken a series of initiatives to develop academic collaborations with foreign universities. With the aim of improving the preparedness of faculty to meet global expectations, a series of expert sessions and interactive workshops with several revered foreign university professors are organized. Collaborating across different disciplines is unarguably the need of an hour to meet the challenges of the 21st century. A series of development programs on “21st Century: Recent trends, challenges and future roadmap for transitions in technological generations” planned for bolstering the innovation ecosystem at YCCE from a global perspective, engaged presentations on the aforementioned theme from prominent intellectuals, academicians from top ranked universities including Harvard University (USA), MIT (USA), Purdue University (USA), University of Queensland, Australia, NCSU (USA), graced with eminent stalwarts around the world who presented the state-of-the-art and the future roadmaps for transitions in technological generations in various disciplines. enhancing academic collaborations with best-ranked global institutions, the importance of insightful roadmaps and action plans, the SWOT analysis, competitive analysis, hiring the best faculties, diversifying the staff to foster innovations, focusing on research, improving engagement levels with faculty, students and staff, increasing incentives to well-performing faculties and staff.

IRC is designed to serve as a common platform for fostering cogent interaction and networking between YCCE and prominent international professionals, solving the 21st-century challenges necessitating the development of cutting-edge technologies involving various engineering and science disciplines, with broad perspectives and a vision for enhancing their research and development activities.


To drive the development of students and faculty members of YCCE in a global context


To provide collaborative, multidisciplinary environment to students and faculty members from global perspective

Opportunities that can be explored by the for students

> Global Exposure/Training Tours
> Students Exchange Programs
> Students Development Programs
> Global Internships
> Summer School Programs
> Semester Abroad programs

Opportunities that can be explored by IRC for faculty members

> Faculty-to-faculty connection for conducting joint research work, joint project, sharing learning resources and methodologies.
> Faculty Development Programs
> Faculty Exchange Programs
> Development of teaching and learning materials and strategies
> Academic Curriculum Development
> Collaborative research activities, guidance for PhD. work, sharing of expertise etc.
> Global Exposure/Training Tour