Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

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Along with routine equipment required for laboratory practical, special equipment like 8086 and 8088 based Microprocessor development systems, micro controller trainer kits, 8951, Microprocessor based educational transducer trainer kits, Peripheral IC interface kits, Interface cards for microprocessor kits, PCB Drilling Machine, PC based Add-on cards, EPROM programmer, C-compliers, Cross assemblers, Hardware simulator software. 4 Channel Digital storage CRO, Oscilloscopes (100 Mhz.), Curve tracers Function generators, Distortion Level meter, Frequency counters, Logic Analyzer, VNA , Spectrum analyzer, Beagle Board. Pentium IV, Personal computers, Server and nodes, Laser & Inkjet Printers, various Computer software like Windows NT 40, Visual studio 97, Turbo C++ 5.0 MA&M, TASM, Borland C++. Software MATLAB 7.04, 50 license with all toolboxes. Tanner tool - 5 license.

Key Strengths

  • EM Simulation Software - CADFEKO
  • Microwave Office
  • Proteus.
  • Calibration setup of Fluke.
  • Lab-view by NI.
  • DSP Kit from TI.
  • Xillinx FPGA/ CPLD Programmer Kit.
  • Vector Network Analyzer (VNA-8GHz)
  • Spectrum Analyzer (1.5 GHz and 3 GHz)
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO-10 No.)
  • Beagle Board
  • PCB Drilling Machine
  • Advance Optical Communication Kits.
  • MIC Kits
  • MIC Antenna Trainer Kits

Major Laboratories

Sr.No. Name of the Laboratory Major Equipments Special Happenings
1 Digital signal Processing
Digital Image Processing
MATLAB Software, Code Composer Studio, DSP/Media Dev. Kits, Proteus VSM Software, Logic Analyzer, Microcontroller Board, PIV Computer, Bloom With DSP, Beagle Board In House training programming on Microcontroller, ORCAD, MATLAB,AVR
STTP on "DESIRE" in 2010
STTP on "Image and Video Processing" in 2008
STTP on "Real time Signal Processing" in 2007
2 Communication
Advance Communication
Digital Storage Oscilloscope , GSM/CDMA Trainer,100Khz CRO,Color TV Trainer,Satellite Communication , trainer,Digital Communication and,Advance Digital, Communication trainer kits, Function Generator STTP on "ACROMA" in 2014
Guest lecture on Advanced in Analog and Digital communication in 2014
3 Analog Integrated Circuits Digital Circuit Digital Storage Oscilloscope, Linear IC Tester, Linear IC Trainer Kits, Function Generator, Power Supply, CRO Texas Instruments India Analog Maker Competition 2015
4 RF and Microwave Antenna Trainer, Klystron based Microwave, trainer,Micro-strip Antenna Trainer, Oscilloscope Two Days workshop on "RF Ckt Design and Simulation" in 2014
One Day seminar on Computational Electro-Magnetic, RF antenna Design and simulation in 2009
Two day National Workshop on Trends in Microwave Engineering & its Applications On 26-27 February,2007
5 Embedded System Design
Research Lab
Keil Software , Flash Magic,ARM Development Board,8051 Development Board,8051 Programmer,uC Flasher One day Competition "Compete to keil"Under ICON
6 Project Lab/Workshop / EM ARM Development Board,PCB Drilling Machine,8051 Programmer,LCR Meter,IC Tester,Calibration Setup,Measurement Kits,CRO Demonstrator ICON a Project Exhibition is a regular annual activity for the students of III and IV year.
7 Programming Lab
Simulation Lab
MATLAB Software
8 Electronic Devices and Circuit Power Supply,Function Generator,CRO,In house Experiment Kits Develop In-House Kits
9 PG Vector Network Analyzer ,Spectrum Analyzer,SPARTAN FPGA Kit,VERTEX FPGA Kit CADFEKO,Microwave Office,MIC Kits,Digital Storage Oscilloscope ,(DSO)
  • Micro Controller Based Systems.
  • Embedded System.
  • DSP Application.
  • Microstrip  Antenna Design
  • PCB Design & Development.
  • Application based Software Development
  • Testing of PC Based Systems
  • Testing of Microprocessor Based Systems and Digital Hardware Circuits
  • VHDL Designing
  • Training Verification of Design
  • Verilog Designing