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Sr. No. Authors Name Title of Paper Conference / Journal Name ( with issue, volume, page, year)
1 Lalit Damahe Detection of Abnormal Activity at College entrance through video surveillance Lecture Notes in Networks & Systems Volume 238, Issue, Pp-109-121 , 25th Jan. 2022
2 Lalit Damahe A Fatal Case of Infant Congenital Cytomegalovirus and Neonatal Herpes Simplex Virus Infections Type 1 and 2 NVEO-NATURAL VOLATILES & ESSENTIAL OILS Journal| NVEO, Volume: 8 Issue: 5,pp 828-832, 7 Nov 2021.
3 Lalit Damahe A case report on acute non hemorrhagic infarct in midbrain NVEO-NATURAL VOLATILES & ESSENTIAL OILS Journal| NVEO, Volume: 8 Issue: 5, pp 882-885, 7 Nov 2021
4 Lalit Damahe A Case Report on Sepsis with Multiple Organ Disfunction Syndrome  
5 Kishore Bhoyar Semantic Segmentation of Retinal Vasculature using Light Patch based dilated CNN International Conference on Cognitive and Intelligent Computing, Dec 2021
6 Kishore Bhoyar Multi-class Retinopathy classification in Fundus Image using Deep Learning approaches International Journal of Next Generation Computing, Volume 12, No.5, Nov 2021
7 Kishore Bhoyar Retinal Vasculature Segmentation Turkish Online Journal of Qualitative Inquiry (TOJQR), Volume 12, Issue 7, Pp 10655-10663, July 2021
8 Kishore Bhoyar Spreading of corona virus(covid-19) across the globe: nursing protocols for handling positive patients Journal of medical pharmaceutical and allied sciences Volume 10, Issue 3, Pp. 2944-2948, May June 2021
9 Kishore Bhoyar Effects at the FIFA 11+ and the Harmoknee warm up programs on physical performance measures in Indian elite football players (An Experimental Study) Journal of medical pharmaceutical and allied sciences, Volume 10, Issue 3, Pp. 3001-3006, May June 2021
10 Rupa Fadnavis Heart Disease Prediction using Data Mining Journal of Physics; Conference Series, Volume 1913, Issue 1, Feb 2021

Patent 2021-2022

Sr.no. Name of the Inventor Title of the Patent Application No Published /field date
1 Dr. Lalit B. Damahe Apparatus for providing solutions to a problems 202021047487 A 30-10-2020