Faculty Achievements

Faculty Achievements

        Name of the Award/ Recognition   Name of Faculty   Title\Particulars   Name of the Awarding Body/Agency   Date   Year


1. SCIE paper Jayant Manohar Raut a , Santanu Ramkrishna Khandeshwar a , Prashant Pande Physical Modeling and Analysis of Cast -In-Situ Reinforced Cement Concrete Piled Raft in Clayey Soil KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering DOI 10.1007/s12205-023-0507-0 27 February 2023   2022-23
2. SCIE paper Sangita Meshram aS.P. Raut , Khalid Ansari Waste slags as sustainable construction materials: a compressive review on physico mechanical properties Journal of Material Research and Technology 28 February 2023     2022-23
3.   Best Article   Mr. Khalid S. Ansari   Dr. P.R. Bhave Memorial Prize for Best article award   55th Annual Convention, 2023 Organised By : IWWA Pune Centre   22nd January 2023.   2022-23
4.     SCIE paper Mr. Dhiraj G. Agrawal Dr. Uday Waghe Mr. Khalid S. Ansari , Dr. Rajendra Dighade   “Experimental effect of pre-treatment of rubber fibers on mechanical properties of rubberized concrete” i     Journal of Material Research and Technology   13, January 2023     2022-23
5.     Patent   Dr. Madhur S. Bhagat, Dr. Ajay R. Gajbhiye,Dr. Jayant M. Raut     “A Briquette making machine”     Indian Patent office   30, December 2022.     2022-23
6.     Patent Dr. Jayant M. Raut ,Dr. Shantau R. Khandeshwar Dr. Prashant B. Pande   “An Instrument for determining bearing capcity of soil under dynamic load”     Indian Patent office   30, December 2022.     2022-23
7.       Patent   Ms. Charuta S. Waghmare, Mr. Khalid S. Ansari , Dr. Shantau R. Khandeshwar , Mr. Vaishali N. Mendhe       “A Multistage Bucket for floor cleaning”       Indian Patent office     28, December 2022.       2022-23
8.   ISO/IEC certification   Mr. Pawan K. Hinge & Mr. Dhiraj G. Agrawal TQM Certifications for Laborartory Quality Management System and Interal Audit as per ISO/IEC 17025:2017   ISO/IEC   44915     2022-23
9.   Text Book Dr. Uday Waghe , Dr. Sanjay P. Raut , Mr. Dhiraj Agrawal   “Matrix Analysis of Structures : Stiffness Approach”, ISBN : 978-93-5673-159-2   Evincepub Publisher.       2022-23
10.   SCIE paper   Mr. Khalid Ansari, “Optimization and Operational analysis of Domestic Greywater Treatment by Electrocoagulation Filtration Using Response Surface Methodology”   Sustainability Journal 21, November 2022     2022-23
11.   SCIE paper   Mr. Khalid Ansari, “Properties and Applications of Geopolymer Composites A Review Study of Mechanical and Microstructural Properties”   Scientific Report Journal 17, November 2022     2022-23
12.     SCIE paper   Dr. Rajendra R. Dighade   “Parametric investigation and economic design of slender steel fibre reinforced concrete beams using shear resisting mechanisms approach”     Structures Elsevier Journal   05, November 2022     2022-23
13.     Dr. Harshal M. Warade succeesfuly clear the examination of ISO 14001 : 2015 Lead Auditior (Environmental Mangment System) Training Course In   ISO   November 2022.     2022-23
14.   SCIE paper   Mr. Khalid Ansari, “Adsorption of Indigo Carmine Dye by Acacia nilotica Sawdust activated carbon in fixed bed Column”   Scientific Report Q1 Journal   15.09.2022   2022-23
15.   Patent Dr. S.P. Raut, & Mr. Udaysingh Patil “A Composition and method for making high- strength lightweight sustainable bricke from textile”   Indian Patent office   13.09.2022.   2022-23


  1   SCIE paper   Dr. S.V. Ambekar “Perfomance evaluation of Microbial fuel cell using novel anode design and with low-cost components” Journal of Environmental Engineering and Science   28.03.2022   2021-22
    2     SCIE paper   Mr. Khalid Ansari, Dr. S.R. Khandeshwar, Ms. Charuta Waghmare   “Experimental Evaluation of Industrial Mushroom Waste Substrate using Hybrid Mechanism of Vermicomposting and Effective Microogranisms”     Materials MDPI Q1 Quality Journal     19, April 2022     2021-22
    3     Best Paper   Mr. Khalid Ansari Dr. S.R. Khandeshwar     Recent Advances in Materials, International Conference “ Manufacuring and Machine Learning (RAMMML-2022)” organized by Department of Mechanical Engineering YCCE,   26-27 April 2022     2021-22
    4     Best Paper     Mr. Dhiraj Agrawal, Dr. Uday Waghe     “Effect of Micro-silica and Crumb Rubber on Mechanical Properties of Concrete “ "Recent advancement Infrastructural Development, Water Management & Climate Change" (IOP Conference Series (Earth and Environmental Science) Indexed by SCOPUS) (IC- RAIWC 2022)     08-09 July 2022       2021-22
  5   Best Paper Dr. J.M. Raut, Dr. S.R. Khandeshwar, Dr. P.B. Pande   Development of Methodology and Process of Soil Stabilisation Using Fly ash and Plastic Waste “ international conference on “Recents Advances in Material,Manufacturing and Machin Learning-2022   26-27 April 2022   2021-22
    6     Consultancy Dr. A.V. Patil, Dr. S.P. Raut, Dr. P.B. Pande, Dr. H.M. Warade, Mr. P.K. Hinge, Mr. D.G. Agrawal     consultancy worth of Rs. 10.00 Lakhs       2021-22 till date.       2021-22
  7   Patent   Dr. A.V. Patil & Dr. S.P. Structure unit having expanded metal mesh as a requirement and method for manufacturing the structure unit”   Indian Patent office   15.12.2021.     2021-22
    8     SCIE paper     Mr. Khalid Ansari   “Shrinkage study and Strength Aspects of Concrete with foundry sand and Cocnut Shell as partial Replacement for Coarse and Fine Aggregate”     Materials MDPI Q1 Quality Journal   03, December 2021     2021-22
  9   Patent Prof. Ms. Charuta S. Waghmare & Dr. Jayant M. Raut   Apparatus for Treating Wastewater”   Australian Patent office   01.12.2021.   2021-22
    10     SCIE paper     Mr. Khalid Ansari   “Influence of Heat Treatment and Reinforcemetns on Tensile Characteristics of Aluminium AA 5083 / Silicon Carbide / Fly Ash Composites”     Materials MDPI Q1 Quality Journal   13, September 2021     2021-22
  11   Grant   Dr. M.S. Bhagat Youth Undertaking visit for acquiring knowledge (YUVAK)” received grant of Rs. 2.00 Lakhs for Study Tour at ATAL TUNNEL Himachal Pradesh,   06.09.2021   2021-22
  12   PhD. Award Dr. Bhupesh Purshottam Nandurkar, Development of better performing and ready to usemasonary mortar and plaster mixes.   RTMNU/Ph.D. (Cell)/5/1512   25.08.2021   2021-22
  13   Patent Prof. Ms. Charuta S. Waghmare & Dr. Jayant M. Raut   “Apparatus for Treating Wastewater”   Indian Patent office   09.07.2021.   2021-22
    14     Patent   Dr. S.R. Khandeshwar Dr. Jayant M. Raut & Prof. Ms. Charuta S. Waghmare     Apparatus and Method for Determining Bearing Capacity of soil”     Indian Patent office     09.07.2021.       2021-22
  15   SCIE paper   Mr. Khalid Ansari “Synthesis & Characterization of Mechanical Properties and wire Cut EDM Process Parameters Analysis in AZ61 Magnesium Alloy + B4C + SiC”   Materials MDPI Q1 Quality Journal   01, July 2021     2021-22


  1   Grant   Dr. A.V. Patil , Dr. A.M. Pande Grand of Rs.1288627.00 for Development of effective prediction techniques for condition assessment of concrete structures   AICTE/RPS during 14.08.2020   14.08.2020     2020-21
  2   PhD. Award   Dr. Prashant Baban Pande   Evaluation of Shear Strength Parameters of an Unsaturated soil   RTMNU,Nagpur,Maharastra   01.01.2021.     2020-21
  3   PhD. Award   Dr. Jayant Manohar Raut   Development of Design Methodology for Piled-Raft Foundation Using Finite Element Method"   RTMNU,Nagpur,Maharastra   18.05.2021.     2020-21
  4   PhD. Award   Dr. Harshal Madhukar Warade "Feasibility of Biogas Production from Napier Grass Using Animal Manure as Co-Substrate through Pilot Scale Study"   RTMNU,Nagpur,Maharastra   18.05.2021.     2020-21


  1   Grant   Dr. S.R. Khandeshwar, Prof. H.R. Nikhade Received grand of Rs. 1200000.00 for Modernization & Removal of Obsolescence in Surveying lab   MODROB,AICT,   04.12.2019   2019-20
  2   Published patent   Dr. A.R. Gajbhiye “Detachabale iron mould with trimed and modified edges specially designed for concrete columns applic”   Indian Patent office   20.12.2019   2019-20
  3   Patent   Dr. S.V. Ambekar Anode, Cathode and Separator in Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) for treatment of wastewater and electricity generation”   Indian Patent office   03.03.2020   2021-22


  1   PhD. Award   Dr. Rajendra Sureshbabu Deotale   Critical Studies on concrete mixes containing crushed quarry sand and Fly Ash   RTMNU,Nagpur,Maharastra   25.04.2019   2018-19
  2   Grant   Prof. K.S. Ansari   received grant of Rs. 75000.00. for Waste to Energy: Solution for Tommrow   Science & Engineering Research Board   25.06.2019.   2018-19
  3   Grant   Ms. V.N. Mendhe received grant of Rs. 50000.00. for Construction Materials and Technology : An approach towards Sustainability   Science & Engineering Research Board   29.03.2019   2018-19


  1   PhD. Award Dr. Ms. Boskey Balraj Bahoria Feasibility study of replacement of natural sand by quarrty dust and waste plastic in concrete   RTMNU,Nagpur,Maharastra   13.09.2017   2017-18
  2   PhD. Award Dr. Hemant Onkarrao Thakare Investigative study on deterioration of reinforce concrete Structures"   RTMNU,Nagpur,Maharastra   07.02.2018   2017-18
  3   Grant Dr. S.R. Khandeshwar Prof. K.S. Ansari, received grand of Rs. 50000.00.00 for Environmental Management : Challenges & Solution   Science & Engineering Research Board   14.08.2020   2017-18


  1 Best Principal Award   Dr. Udaykumar Waghe   “Best Principal Award”   RTM Nagpur University Nagpur   05.09.2016.   2016-17
  2   PhD. Award Dr. Vilas Ganuji Meshram, Development & performance study of concrete mixes containing flyasah of different fineness   RTMNU,Nagpur,Maharastra   07.01.2017.   2016-17
  3   PhD. Award Dr. Ms. Madhuri Shankarrao Bhagat "Development of flood risk management system using hybrid assessment apporach"   VNIT, Nagpur   24.01.2017   2016-17


  1   PhD. Award Dr. Shekhar Dnyandeo Bhole "Development of a comprehensive methodology for environmental economics in Indian context"   RTMNU,Nagpur,Maharastra   24.08.2015   2015-16
  2   PhD. Award Dr. Rajendra Rupraoji Dighade Study of some aspects of water loss management in water distribution system with special reference to Indian conditions   RTMNU,Nagpur,Maharastra   22.01.2016.   2015-16
  3 Honorary Secretary   Dr. S.P. Raut nominated as a Honorary Secretary of The Institution of Engineers (I), Nagpur Local Centre for the term 2014-16.   Institution of Engineers (I), Nagpur Local Centre     2015-16