Applied Sciences (Chemistry)

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SN Name of Equipment Utility  
1. Abel’s closed cup flash point Appt. Oil Testing
2. Pensky Marten’s flash Point Appt. Oil Testing
3. Redwood Viscometer No. 1 Oil Testing
4. Redwood Viscometer No. II Oil Testing
5. Spectrophotometer Metal analysis
6. pH-meter Digital Water Analysis
7. pH-meter Digital (u-Digital) Water Analysis
8. Conductivity meter Water Analysis
9. Penetrometer Grease testing
10. Muffle Furnace Coal Analysis
11. Hot Air Oven Coal Analysis
12. Double Distillation Unit Extra pure water
13. R.O.Plant [water treatment] Pure water
14. Distilled Water Plant Distilled water
15. Digital balance Accuracy weighing
16. Cooling Incubator Water analysis
Some parameters in
  • Water analysis
  • Water analysis
  • Metal analysis
  • Oil testing